Sunday, July 1, 2012

              Cafe Racer Benefit at Rat and Raven 6.30.12 with Quasi Mojo

Last night Rat and Raven played host to a benefit for Cafe Racer. I arrived just as it began and walked in on a set by Danny The Street. I was intrigued that their name referenced a Grant Morrison comic and was happy to see what they were all about. They were all about good, guitar and Alesis driven 90's rock/postpunk, with a distinct Peter Murphy influence via the frontman. Nice!
     Next up was the group I was waiting for, Quasi Mojo, the curiously named trio of Mark Ostrowski, Bill Horist, and Wally Shoup. These names should need no introduction, as all three members have been mainstays of avant jazz/experimental music and improvisation in Seattle for years and years. Bill is a spectacular guitarist capable of almost any type of idiom or soundscape, and he was on fire last night coaxing wild feedback, sibilant drones and skronky chords from his guitar and effects set-up. Mark listened and answered with a percussive response that ranged from delicate cymbal filligree to bombastic bass waves. Amidst this controlled chaos, Wally roared and riffed like a volcano, reminding everyone in the room that the best saxophonist in Seattle was posing an immediate threat to their eardrums. This trio worked so well because all three members have very open ears, listening as hard as they played. A wonderful set for a very good cause. Kudos to all who organized and played this event!

Rat and Raven

Ostrowski: Force of nature

Danny The Street

Horist implodes and explodes.

Bill brings it!

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