Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Racer Sessions June 24, 2012, with Ross Hammond

This last Sunday Racer Session was hosted at a space in Ballard by Ross Hammond. Ross is a guitarist from Sacramento who seems equally at home with Hendrix and Frith. His curator's description stated "Don’t think too much about the right notes or the right rhythms or the right textures.  Don’t think about the timbre of your instrument or exercises to play.  Don’t think about music at all.  Instead, take a minute to to think about those you love.  Those who have helped shape who you are today.  Once you have a few in mind who you’d like to focus on, take that feeling and play your ass off. " The improvisations reflected this, ranging widely in mood and dynamic.
If you haven't checked out a Racer Session yet, please do. Bringing amazing players like Ross to town is a great example of the good work these folks do. Some pics follow...

A picture of what I heard.

In the zone.

Neil Welch. Visceral. 

Bad Luck plus "ragin'" Ross H in this pic.

Luke guides the conversation.

Ivan weighs in.

In your face!

REALLY spacious set! Balatero and Swanson push the texture..!

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