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Review: Monster Planet July 9 2012

     Monster Planet is an ongoing monthly event held on a Monday night at the Can Can in the Pike Street Market. It's conceptually simple, yet brilliant. Several improvisers at a time provide a live soundtrack to strange B movies shown on the wall. Synthesizers, field recordings, and other sound sources are employed. The live soundtrack is continuous and improvisers drop in and out as they please, producing an epic collage as the night (and films) unravel. The Can Can is an awesome place for this event, dark, cozy and conducive to sipping a cocktail while trippy psychedelic sights and sounds stimulate the imagination. I was hipped to this incredible night by my friend and musical partner in crime Skoi Sirius, who played the first one I attended.
Monster Planet sounds like this.

Joy Von Spain focuses on the film.
     The line up was top notch: Joy Von Spain, Noisepoetnobody, Mel Sky, Chris Hogan, and Gel-Sol. I think some other, unlisted, artists sat in as well (I know I saw the mighty Vance Galloway at the synths for a bit). Monster Planet 3:4 Rage Of Aquarius, was zombie themed, with Killing Frenzy providing the visual montage. Gilmoresque, blues/psych guitar intertwined with sparkling drones and shimmering sound waves from synthesizers. Gentle, abstract piano notes floated over beds of electronic reverberations. Voices whispered in and out of the mix. MP provides a brilliant context for free improvisation and the players get to really work out on long form ideas. This night is a blessing for Seattleites looking for challenging cultural moments in this city. If you Haven't gone yet, do!

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