Friday, June 22, 2012

An amazing night of sonic explorations last night at the Chapel in the Good Shepherd Center co-hosted by Gift/Draft Tapes, Debacle Records and the Wayward Music series. Jason, Sam and Steve have done wonders for the avant garde and experimental music scene in Seattle and nights like this demonstrate their curatorial acumen.
     Jason Anderson, playing as Spare Death Icon, wove an entrancing industrial soundscape out of heavy rhythms and textural synthesis. An amazing solo performance. Matt Carlson came off much more abstractly, chopping frantic bits of granular sound into tiny shreds and swirling it around the room. A heady and challenging set that ended too soon. Beautiful. Bee Mask closed with a great set of dark ambient, oceanic dream sounds. The piece ranged widely in mood, from menacing to radiant. Very emotional stuff. I hope to see more shows like this in Seattle, and with cultural producers like these guys doing their thing, I most certainly will. Thanks guys!
P.S. Megabats should have played this bill.

Gateway to dreamworlds...

Sam introduces Spare Death Icon.




Sounded like this looks...

Matt Carlson.


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