Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alterity 101 Will be on Hollow Earth Radio Tonight

Hey folks! I've scored a righteous showcase of new works soon to be released on experimental cassette label 'Alterity 101'.
Curated by the infamous Kurt Alterity, we'll be hearing works from the upcoming first releases by R Millis (Climax Golden Twins & Sublime Frequencies)!
From Rob: "I am generally my own worst scavenger. Compositions get re-worked and recycled with alarming frequency. "AK Duet" was put together from various officially released Climax Golden and r millis solo sources (exactly which ones would be telling) for choreography by Aiko Kinoshita for a dance piece entitled "Little Hungers" that premiered in Seattle in 2011. "Murung Field Wreck" is a series of field recordings made in various Asian locations remixed with a piece that will appear or already has appeared (depending on which universe you are in) on an r millis solo LP called "Relief" on the Helen Scarsdale label. "Orchlabreapourmoi" is a mix of several unmentionable Climax, stolen and solo sources. "Drift Away" was composed for a short film by Jean Julien Pous called…Drift Away. This is a slight re-working of the original composition. Most of these pieces were created for use in live performances."
The tape will not be released for a couple months. This will be the public's first chance to hear it. After that we will hear tapes of upcoming Alterity 101 contributors past works with a few surprises... Kurt told me he's bringing a bunch of cassette decks, things should get weird!
TUNE IN at 8pm this Sunday, Jan 13 for the mind bender!

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